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I do think we need to hammer home again and again to students and new solicitors how these things must never happen. My solicitor children know I would rather they lost their jobs than acceded to a demand by someone to certify something they cannot certify. A lot of the public do not have an understanding of these things. I had to tell mys on's friend I could not certify her passport but only her driving licence as she did not have the passport with her. i think they all thought I was incredibly mean but I had to explain I was not going to lie and I was not going to put my career at risk. This happens day in day out.

I don't see why this man if he was a bit behind with work could not have paid for a courier from his own funds to take the document to the client and get them to sign it the same day - that is not slower than him singing it fraudulently the same day himself.

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