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I have no sympathy for the receptionists, and wonder, based on similar observations, whether the 'heads' of the present generation have developed differently from mine (age 77, non-lawyer).
I need a 12-weekly implant of an anti-cancer drug, and last time was given an appt at my GP surgery for 1650 on a Friday. I turned up and the receptionist (looks maybe 25), the only person there, said " Oh, Mr Martin, you can't have your implant; the doctor left an hour ago. You'll have to phone on Monday morning for an appt." Now, I'm well-up on all my medical stuff and, anyway, not given to panic, and I know that exactly 84 days is not critical, but there are many patients, particularly elderly and of moderate education, who might have been alarmed. (It just seemed obvious to me, but I confirmed it with one of my doctor cousins.)
I calmly but firmly told her that that was unacceptable and she said "It's not my fault." I asked her to phone the other surgery, where the practice is run from, and she said there was no point, as only the receptionist would be there. I thought there was no point asking her if she'd phoned there when the doctor I was expecting left.
I can still remember the office job I had in my teens and can't imagine
just shrugging off a client in that way.

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