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Won't happen if labour get in. Even if not, this will result in much resistance, whatever the fee level. Of course they're taking their time: 1) there's little time to devote to government other than Brexit; 2) the Supreme Court judgment gave very little room for manouvre for any future fees scheme. Not that it can't be done, just that it would be very difficult. Amongst other things fees would have to be very low to not amount to a barrier to access to justice and at such low levels, the cost: economic/revenue benefit wouldn't be there.

Agreed with 12:18, the 2 year qualifying period is plainly unfair. But so is public availability of Claimants' names on the ET online register. Once lodged, they cannot in most cases avoid their names going online whether the case settles and is dismissed upon withdrawal or is subject to a merits judgment. So not good if you're worried employers may check your name when recruiting.

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