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"Anonymous Commented on: 8 November 2018 11:24 GMT"
It depends if you are in year 1 of a non law degree or not. If you are then you will be under the new system.
"Students who started a qualifying law degree or law conversion before September 2021 will have 11 years within which to decide whether they want to qualify under the old system or the new system. From September 2021 all other aspiring solicitors would need to qualify through the SQE.

1. If not you qualify in the same way as currently so you need not worry. You will in your second year apply for paid vacation schemes in summer holidays after year 2 of your degree. You will apply for training contracts from law firms whilst you are doing your degree and ideally you will find a firm who will pay for you to do the GDL if you are not reading or just the LPC if you are reading law and then take you on for 2 years as a trainee solicitor.

2. If you are in year 1 of a non law degree this academic year 2019/20 then you are under the new system. You should still do exactly what I say above - apply to law firms as under the current system. They are likely to have their own proposals for putting their trainees and potential trainees through the SQE parts 1 and 2. If you don't get law firm sponsorship for a GDL/SQE1 course starting in 2021 then you will need to find some kind of funding for that - graduate loans etc both for a course to help you pass it and for this exam.

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