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Anon at 16:35. Is the suggestion is that the SRA is bringing about this change purely to make a profit for the SRA?

The SRA put the running of the examinations out to tender. Kaplan won the tender. It was probably the best-placed candidate as it currently runs the testing for the QLTS. I don't know how many others tendered but I believe that Kaplan was not the only one.

If the SRA is making a profit from this, then perhaps there is some way of finding out. (I am not up on freedom of information etc and I don't think that FOI will be covered in the SQE Part 1!). I would be very surprised if the SRA is making a profit.

It may just be that the SRA considers that the present system is broken, only people who can afford the LPC can qualify, there is no common standard, current exams are very hard to fail and variable in quality, and the profession is not diverse and does not reflect society.

The SRA will be holding itself a hostage to fortune if it makes a profit.

Furthermore, a suggestion that the people at the SRA who are advocating this change and working to being it about are motivated by nothing more than profit, contrary to what they say, is somewhat insulting and may "tend to lower them in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally" . (Now, that definition takes me back a few years!). But, then again, we can be anonymous on this site so we might feel that we can make whatever allegations we like.

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