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If I as a solicitor phone counsel's clerk and ask for the papers back in the case of X the clerk must and will return them. No questions to be asked and if they are no answer to be given.

And think of this. Which of us would refuse to prepare a codicil to a client's will to exclude a son or daughter who had married a person of the same gender or a different rce or religion or had decided to "change gender"? Or a will leaving double portions to sons? Or a will, and I did one of these a long time ago, leaving two third shares the substantial estate of the client (a widower) to his sons and the other thirdto his daughter for life and on her death to her son, because the testator wanted to protect her from fortune-hunters? All very Victorian, it mae me thnk of Wilkie Collins, but that was what he wanted to do and who was I to argue?

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