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How many lawyers in this country have no real allegiance to this country, its people or respect for our long standing tradition of common law? Our law, legal traditions and freedoms been hollowed out by 40 years of EU membership and many privileged lawyers know no different and care even less.

The non racist non preferential and non discriminatory position is to allow all candidates from non-UK jurisdictions to apply for exemptions or none, as the SRA have rightly acknowledged. If all can apply then the criteria for exemptions needs to be addressed very carefully. Very many non-EU non-UK lawyers nonetheless will have trained in a common law jurisdiction and the discrimination against them is grossly unfair. The time for addressing this is now and is long overdue.

There is nothing here to to support anything other than a clean Brexit on WTO terms and no one-sided deal with the EU. I am beginning to really appreciate the SRA.

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