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Stuart, whilst I have no intention of giving some sort of dissertation on the leprotic spread of EU law within the UK during the past 45 years, I will give just one example of tens of thousands of verbose inherited decisions, statutes, regulations etc emanating from the EU - GDPR. A more overblown, useless, windbag set of regulations causing untold confusion and expense is difficult to imagine and which is typical of Brussels, not just in the legal arena. MIFID, Basel II & III and lots of other tortuous meanderings cause much cursing and teeth-grinding across both the UK and the continent. Aside from GDPR, there are thousands more but it would take hours just to list them. Of course, some people absolutely revel in them - and make lots of money out of them too ! Sadly, this nice little earner will disappear after Brexit. Schade and tant pis, as they say.

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