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Citizens Advice Bureaux are all independent local charities, joined to the national body by a membership scheme. Financially they are on their own.. They generally have core funding in the form of a discretionary grant from their local Council- where you have a two tier system it is generally the District Council that provides the grant. The services covered by the grant will vary from Council to Council but the grant generally provides for a volunteer-led service of some description which provides options for local residents who come with a whole range of issues.. It usually does not provide for client casework or specialist support, and Bureaux have to seek charitable funders if they wish to do anything more. In recent years core funding from local Councils has generally declined- this is discretionary funding after all and Councils are strapped for cash- and some Bureaux have been forced to close as a result of core funding being cut altogether.

Citizens Advice Bureaux are brilliant at what they do, but are not and have never been a substitute for legal aid. It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

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