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1. "Litigants in Person will be "Supported" ". HOW can you "Support an LIP" ?. It is the Court that is biased to many LIP's ,who end up getting the blame for Legal Aid cuts.

2. "£8 Million extra" . Doh. A drop in the Ocean when you think that would only cover lawyers fees of one large Case.

What the point is there of having a Human Rights Act when "access to justice" is a mirage only and in actuality is ONLY available to those with the money. IF you are an ordinary person you simply cannot afford to issue proceedings to protect your own rights or property WITHOUT putting ALL of your life savings, house, car etc on the line. THAT is NOT "Access to Justice" at all.

The problem could be solved in one stroke, but Of course the Law Society/Lawyers will not aggree. That is to make Contentious cases, EACH PARTY BEAR THEIR OWN COSTS" . That would (a) Cut down cases coming to Court as many more would settle before Court (b) level the playing field between Authorities who USE Costs to beat poorer people, one prime example being the POLICE who waste MILLIONS each year trying to crush anyone who dares sue them. ALL taxpayers money of course.

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