Prime minister Camemblert is embroiled in a legal battle to stop celebrity chef Floyd Rampantfrom establishing another zombie cookiphate.

For Floyd – who comes back from the dead in Strange’s, or former solicitor Andrew Komarnyckyj’s, satirical legal homage to George Romero’s zombie films – and his cohorts Gary Fletcher and Kat De Vine are protected by a High Court injunction. ‘Knowing our bloody judges and their love of human f****** rights the zombies will win, we’ll have costs awarded against us,’ agonises Camemblert.

Having already seen lawyers thwart ex-SAS soldier Flagg Banner’s mission to take out Rampant, Camemblert turns to the attorney general for support.  

Author: Jack Strange

£8.99, CreateSpace

Camemblert’s disdain for legal niceties – ‘it is perfectly legal… to deny zombies all rights and privileges’ – is particularly memorable as the action switches to Huddersfield and an explosive ending.

Strange’s pacy, stomach-churning depiction of how Rampant turns the world’s celebrity chefs into an army of 20,000 sex-crazed flesh-eating zombies can be read in one sitting – but others may prefer this nightmarish tale in bite-size chunks.

Nicholas Goodman