With the advent of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, this handbook offers a comprehensive summary of the changes introduced by the legislation.

The book contains a detailed overview of existing law and how the changes may affect the court’s handling of litigation. It is a useful point of reference not only for those in private practice dealing with anti-social behaviour for providers of social housing, but also for local authorities, councillors and the police.

The layout of the book is very logical. At the start of every chapter – each of which deals with the new types of order which can be applied for – are ‘snapshot’ bullet points. In addition, there is a helpful review of the legislation relating to community protection notices, public spaces protection orders and closure orders.

Author: Kuljit Bhogal

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional (£65)

Chapter 10 – Anti-Social Behaviour Case reviews – provides a practical summary of the steps various bodies would be required to follow should there be a ‘community trigger’, with helpful sections on the review threshold and policy. With the government’s edict to ‘put victims first’ and the likelihood that there will be a number of ‘community triggers’, this chapter is useful for those dealing with anti-social behaviour on the frontline, such as housing managers.

The section on the new powers of possession clearly sets out the additional powers introduced by the act, including new mandatory grounds for possession, which are likely to be heavily relied on by social landlords.

In summary, this is an invaluable toolkit. It has clear and concise guidance, good precedents and a useful review not only of the new act but also of how it overlaps with and enhances existing legislation.

Sian Carrel is a partner at Norwich-based Spire Solicitors