• Afentis Forensics

    Afentis Forensics

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Afentis Forensics is a leading investigation practice, providing sophisticated analysis of computers, telecommunication and mobile telephone evidence, call record mapping and cell site analysis (CSA), litigation support through e-Discovery, indecent imagery (Operation Ore), and audio-visual exhibit assessments.

  • AlphaBiolabs


    WarringtonUnited Kingdom

    AlphaBiolabs is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) and is specialised in providing legally-approved DNA, drug and alcohol testing services to solicitors, courts and councils throughout the UK. We work to tight deadlines to bring you the fastest, most accurate results every time. Next-day Legal DNA testing is provided as standard and we guarantee sample collection within 48 hours of instructing a test.

  • Elisabeth Briggs - Forensic Document Examiner

    Elisabeth Briggs - Forensic Document Examiner

    RugeleyUnited Kingdom

    Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination undertaken by an expert witness with more than 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework.I am based in the West Midlands but will accept work from all areas of the UK and further afield. Free initial advice to assess suitability of documents, Peer-review of findings by another experienced expert and Court-compliant reports and attendance at court as required.

  • HKA


    BirminghamUnited Kingdom

    We are a group of expert engineers distinguished by our depth and breadth of experience. We are all experienced practitioners and most of us are chartered engineers, and members of a wide variety of professional bodies.

  • Hanscomb Intercontinental Limited

    Hanscomb Intercontinental Limited

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Hanscomb Intercontinental brings together experts that work across the global onshore and offshore construction, engineering and shipbuilding industries. Our experts span the disciplines of accounting, law, architecture, construction, surveying, ship building and engineering and many are dual qualified holding a professional qualification and legal training.

  • IT Group

    IT Group

    PrestonUnited Kingdom

    IT Group specialises in IT and telecommunications systems, with complementary expertise in electronics and electrical engineering. The company provides a broad range of consultancy services including Insurance assessment, Forensic IT/Telecommunications/ Electrical systems examination and e-Disclosure, as well as Expert Witness work.

  • MEWA Expert Witness (Experts in all specialities)

    MEWA Expert Witness (Experts in all specialities)

    OldburyUnited Kingdom

    MEWA provides high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields. We can prepare any expert report anywhere in the UK in 1-2 weeks in Urgent cases. We have access to 5000+ active experts throughout UK, Ireland & International. We cover all specialists in all Medical and Non-medical fields including Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic, Nursing, Dental, Pathology, DNA, Digital Forensics, Forensic Scientists within legal aid rates.