• Analysis


    IlfordUnited Kingdom

    Deborah Jaffe G.T.C. (Dip.). Experienced Graphologist & Scientific Handwriting Analyst with over 23 years experience. Specialist areas of work: Forgeries, handwriting/signature identification, disputed documents, anonymous letters and graffiti.

  • Elisabeth Briggs - Forensic Document Examiner

    Elisabeth Briggs - Forensic Document Examiner

    RugeleyUnited Kingdom

    Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination undertaken by an expert witness with more than 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework.I am based in the West Midlands but will accept work from all areas of the UK and further afield. Free initial advice to assess suitability of documents, Peer-review of findings by another experienced expert and Court-compliant reports and attendance at court as required.

  • Fiona Marsh M.Sc.

    Fiona Marsh M.Sc.

    BrentwoodUnited Kingdom

    Fiona Marsh holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree, both in chemistry. Fiona was trained in all aspects of the scientific examination of documents and handwriting at the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory, which later became part of the Forensic Science Service, where she worked from 1980 to 1988. She started her career in the General Chemistry section moving onto the Questioned Documents Section in 1982.

  • Forensic Document Services Ltd

    Forensic Document Services Ltd

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Forensic Document Services Limited is based in a Central London laboratory and is extensively equipped with sophisticated instrumentation to carry out techniques used in the forensic examination of documents. All techniques employed are non-invasive. The Company has two Experts, Maurice Rodé and Michael Handy each with twenty five years experience and who were Registered Foresnic Practitioners, specialism Questioned Documents until the closure of the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners.

  • MEWA Expert Witness (Experts in all specialities)

    MEWA Expert Witness (Experts in all specialities)

    OldburyUnited Kingdom

    MEWA provides high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields. We can prepare any expert report anywhere in the UK in 1-2 weeks in Urgent cases. We have access to 5000+ active experts throughout UK, Ireland & International. We cover all specialists in all Medical and Non-medical fields including Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic, Nursing, Dental, Pathology, DNA, Digital Forensics, Forensic Scientists within legal aid rates.