BOOK REVIEW: Scholarly Misconduct: Law, Regulation and Practice

26 September 2016By David Pickup

A well-researched account, some of which reads like a list of lesser-known Sherlock Holmes cases.

BOOK REVIEW: Family Law Case Library: Children (3rd edition)

26 September 2016By Linda Lamb

Though this book feels daunting it is an exceptionally useful resource.

BOOK REVIEW: The Dreams That Make Us

26 September 2016By Nicholas Goodman

Often the action laboriously unfolds without engaging the reader.

BOOK REVIEW: Children and Vulnerable Witnesses in Court Proceedings

19 September 2016By Sandra Paul

Written in plain English in a sympathetic tone, evidencing the writer’s significant experience.


BOOK REVIEW: Death by the Arno

19 September 2016By David Pickup

Some historical fiction can read like a guidebook but this novel, by iLaw founder Justin Ellis, avoids that pitfall.


BOOK REVIEW: Trials – On Death Row in Pakistan

12 September 2016By Roger Smith

A thoughtful reflection on the legal system of an important country in the modern geo-political world.

BOOK REVIEW: Elderly Client Handbook (5th edition)

12 September 2016By David Pickup

The practical sections are very good, particularly the guidance on marketing and adapting your office procedures to elderly clients.



9 September 2016By Nicholas Goodman

Nick Goodman enjoyed the Supreme Court’s understated exhibition of artefacts created by prisoners.


BOOK REVIEW: East West Street: on the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity

25 July 2016By Nicholas Goodman

An absorbing and readable account of the inception of modern human rights law.

BOOK REVIEW: Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse

25 July 2016By Nicholas Goodman

A pacy, stomach-churning tale that can be read in one sitting.

Deprivation of Liberty

BOOK REVIEW: Deprivation of Liberty: A Handbook

18 July 2016By Mea Fyfe

An important resource for those dealing with mental capacity issues.

criminal costs

BOOK REVIEW: Criminal Costs: Legal Aid Costs in the Criminal Courts

18 July 2016By David Pickup

A comprehensive and necessary guide

BOOK REVIEW: What the PA knew: An intriguing legal tale

18 July 2016By Paul Bennett

Many in smaller legal practices in particular will find some comfort here.

BOOK REVIEW: The Solicitors Office Procedures Manual (second edition)

11 July 2016By David Pickup

This book is both a specimen manual and a resource on how to tailor your own to your firm.


BOOK REVIEW: Both Sides of the Bench

11 July 2016By David Pickup

An entertaining book that contrasts with last year’s As in Memory Long.


BOOK REVIEW: Gringras: the Laws of the Internet (4th edition)

4 July 2016By Phil Hartley

Great analysis, but some of the omissions and emphases are inexplicable.


BOOK REVIEW: Social Media in the Workplace: a handbook

4 July 2016By Will Winch

This recognises that the problems thrown up by social media are not new, but stresses the need for employers to be prepared for how to deal with those problems in the modern workplace.


BOOK REVIEW: Knowledge Management for Lawyers

4 July 2016By Sue Bramall

The overlap between KM, marketing, business development and client relations was not explored in more detail. Maybe this could be expanded upon in a future edition?

BOOK REVIEW: A Practitioner’s Guide to Probate Disputes

4 July 2016By Andrew Kidd

This work provides a commanding canter through the main issues involved and procedures applicable.

BOOK REVIEW: Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts (fifth edition)

27 June 2016By Pam Allardice

An essential reference tool which is handy not only for dealing with delay and disruption claims.

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