George Osborne

BOOK REVIEW: Stamp Duty Land Tax

23 February 2015By Gerald Moran

Experience adds value to this welcome text, which is directed at practicalities.

Svetlana's Garden

BOOK REVIEW: Svetlana’s Garden

23 February 2015By Nicholas Goodman

Sentimentality and a weak sub-plot threaten to undo Britanov’s work, but it still offers a timely reminder of how states try to suppress the truth.

Quarry digger

BOOK REVIEW: The Mineral Estate Surveyors Handbook

9 February 2015By Rebecca Carriage

Recommended reading for those about to embark on new instructions for minerals or waste operators.

Court and Bowled

BOOK REVIEW: Court and Bowled: Tales of cricket and the law

9 February 2015By David Pickup, Kevin Scott

In this entertaining collection, the writer explores alleged match-fixing, issues in the laws of cricket itself, and the debate about whether even legal actions are in the spirit of the game.

Mark Neary

BOOK REVIEW: Court of Protection Handbook – a user’s guide

26 January 2015By Richard Charlton

This handbook on embryonic new powers in the court is in a league of its own.

The Commuters

BOOK REVIEW: The Commuters

26 January 2015By Nicholas Goodman

A bleak and hopeful testimony to the life of a commuter.

Armenian genocide protest

BOOK REVIEW: An Inconvenient Genocide

12 January 2015By Nicholas Goodman

Governments often bristle at questions on the Armenian genocide; Geoffrey Robertson QC’s excellent book offers a sobering history.

Family Law Arbitration book

BOOK REVIEW: Family Law Arbitration

12 January 2015By Tony Roe

All family lawyers, plus lay clients and litigants in person, should buy a copy of this essential guide.

When the Clocks Stopped

BOOK REVIEW: When the Clocks Stopped

18 December 2014By Nicholas Goodman

Author Marion Eaton has created a resourceful solicitor hero who is equally cool in different epochs.

When the tide turned

BOOK REVIEW: When the tide turned

12 December 2014By Nicholas Goodman

The cold war overshadows When the tide turned, the second in Marion Eaton’s Mysterious Marsh Series. 



24 November 2014By Nicholas Goodman

An inescapable feeling of being trapped pervades the opener in the DI Ambrose mysteries.

Poison Pen


24 November 2014By Nicholas Goodman

The idea of police as a fount of law and order is overturned in this second instalment.

Close Disharmony

BOOK REVIEW: Close Disharmony

24 November 2014By Nicholas Goodman

With much more tension and characterisation than the previous two works, this is the best Ambrose mystery yet.

Bad Judges

BOOK REVIEW: A Short Book of Bad Judges

24 November 2014By David Pickup

Allow yourself a wry smile at this marvellous and concise book.

DLA Piper

BOOK REVIEW: A Fork in the Road

10 November 2014By Tony Williams

DLA Piper founder delivers a fascinating account of day-to-day legal life – even if certain ‘juicier’ anecdotes are omitted.

Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection

BOOK REVIEW: Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection

10 November 2014By David Pickup

A timely and easy-to-read guide to help you deal with applications that are being encountered more frequently.

King Hussein of Jordan and Bill Clinton in 1999


27 October 2014By Shehzad A. Qureshi

A candid and inspiring autobiography from the barrister who became legal adviser to the king of Jordan.

Effective interviewing book

BOOK REVIEW: Effective Interviewing for Disciplinary, Grievance and Complaints Investigations

27 October 2014By Liz Whitehead

 very good example of a small textbook covering best practice and including well-honed cross-examination techniques.


BOOK REVIEW: The Mother Court: Tales of Cases That Mattered in America’s Greatest Trial Court

13 October 2014By Nicholas Goodman

A journey through the darker side of US history, with Zirin an engaging guide.

Book: Construction contract variations

BOOK REVIEW: Construction Contract Variations

13 October 2014

This well-written book will become an indispensable classic.

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