The Smiths

BOOK REVIEW: Sorrow Might Come In The End: legal cases in the music and entertainment industries

7 April 2014By

This trim volume is worth reading solely because of the insights it gives into some famous names.

Elderly man

BOOK REVIEWS: mental capacity legislation

7 April 2014By David Pickup

Lawyers have had to learn new concepts regarding ‘capacity’. These two excellent guides should help.


BOOK REVIEW: SRA Handbook (October 2013)

17 March 2014By David Pickup

This up-to-date edition is essential reading following a raft of regulatory changes over the past year.

Sterling on washing line

International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice (fourth edition)

6 March 2014By

This book is an ideal resource for corporate counsel who are beginning risk assessment exercises.

Clarence Darrow

BOOK REVIEW: Clarence Darrow – Attorney for the Damned

24 February 2014By David Pickup

This well-told account of American lawyer Clarence Darrow’s life should be an inspiration.

John Hyde on treadmill

LIFESTYLE REVIEW: Treadmill Desk (TR1200-DT7)

24 February 2014By

The desk offers a chance to stretch the muscles and is a welcome addition to any office.

The True History of Jack the Ripper: The Forgotten 1905 Ripper Novel, Guy Logan

BOOK REVIEWS: Jack the Ripper

10 February 2014By David Pickup

New ‘Ripperature’ from Guy Logan and Richard Whittington-Egan comes under the microscope.


BOOK REVIEW: Doped – The Real Life Story of the 1960s Racehorse Doping Gang

10 February 2014By James Morton

A stylish trot through the committal proceedings, trials and appeals involving the doping gangs.


BOOK REVIEW: The Scourge of Soho

27 January 2014By

Some interesting characters pop up in this chronicle of the enclave with a capacity to seduce.

Gary McKinnon

BOOK REVIEW: Extradition Law, a practitioner’s guide

27 January 2014By Daniel Jones

Now there is a single ‘must have’ handbook for extradition practitioners.

Facebook screen

BOOK REVIEW: Social Networking for Law Firms

13 January 2014By David Pickup

Social media is here to stay. This guide is good at explaining the issues and drawbacks when using it.

Susan Grossey

BOOK REVIEW: Fatal Forgery

13 January 2014By James Morton

This very readable first novel has a neat little coda.

Guidebook to Intellectual Property

BOOK REVIEW: Guidebook to Intellectual Property

10 December 2013By Mark Anderson

This excellent introduction to intellectual property is a cut above the typical student textbook.

Stephen Ward Was Innocent OK

BOOK REVIEW: Stephen Ward was Innocent, OK

3 December 2013By

The Profumo scandal has been so well picked over, a book that adds to our understanding is a surprise – but that is exactly what it does.

Twelve Angry Men

THEATRE REVIEW: Twelve Angry Men

2 December 2013By

Martin Shaw and Robert Vaughn star in this re-telling of a courtroom classic.


BOOK REVIEW: Fixed Fees in the Criminal Courts: A Survival Guide (3rd edition)

2 December 2013By David Pickup

This complex area is explained in a clear way.

The Scottsboro Boys

THEATRE REVIEW: The Scottsboro Boys

18 November 2013By

This production of the story of African-American teenagers falsely accused of rape is bold and dynamic.

Old Bailey

BOOK REVIEW: Whores and Highwaymen – Crime and Justice in the Eighteenth-Century Metropolis

18 November 2013By David Pickup

A very readable documentation of grizzly legal London in the 18th century. Are things better now?

Millennium Dome

BOOK REVIEW: The Blunders of our Governments

4 November 2013By

These respected authors confirm what Westminster watchers have suspected for a while – that recent UK governments have been particularly prone to policy blunders.

Financial report and calculator

BOOK REVIEW: Legal Project Management, Pricing, and Alternative Fee Arrangements

4 November 2013By David Pickup

This book looks at how to be attractive and therefore competitive to win and keep clients.

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