Samuel johnson

BOOK REVIEWS: local authority guides

23 May 2016By Mea Fyfe

We review new editions of the Community Care Law and Local Authority Handbook and Local Authority Liability.

Josef kramer

BOOK REVIEW: A Passing Fury: Searching for Justice at the End of World War II

16 May 2016By Nicholas Goodman

Williams’ book - marking the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials - offers an insightful account of Belsen in 1945.

Old Bailey

BOOK REVIEW: Three Cases That Shook the Law

16 May 2016By David Pickup

These tales of a lost time, when the judges and counsel were celebrities, are clear and well researched.

Lord lester cut

BOOK REVIEW: Five Ideas to Fight For

9 May 2016By Roger Smith

A reminder of why law, human rights and civil liberties matter and how lawyers can play a vital role in their defence.

BOOK REVIEW: UK Competition Law

9 May 2016By Pat Treacy

Likely to be useful to both students and practitioners, although it misses concrete examples.

Lanesborough hotel

RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Celeste, Hyde Park Corner, London SW1

2 May 2016By Christopher Rees

Manna from heaven.


Lexcel Client Care Toolkit (3rd edition)

25 April 2016

The third edition of this toolkit has been comprehensively revised and updated.

BOOK REVIEW: IP guidance for the digital entrepreneur

25 April 2016

The gist of the dangers is amply demonstrated to any uninformed IP entrepreneur.


TV REVIEW: Undercover

8 April 2016By Nicholas Goodman

This BBC drama featuring Sophie Okonedo as an emotionally invested barrister will grip you.


BOOK REVIEW: The Law of EU Public Procurement (second edition)

4 April 2016By Andrew Millross

The book could have been more up-to-date in some respects but it does have its uses.

Rottenin fettig

BOOK REVIEW: Something is Rotten in Fettig

4 April 2016By Nicholas Goodman

Court exchanges in this satire with a bizarre cast are a delight.


BOOK REVIEWS: SRA Handbook and SDT law

4 April 2016By David Pickup

The latest handbook is clear and concise, while the first book on the disciplinary tribunal is well-written.

BOOK REVIEW: Civil and Jewish Divorce: A Guide

4 April 2016By Sarah Anticoni

This 130-page guide addresses the plight of the ‘average ultra-orthodox Jewish client’.

Youth court

BOOK REVIEW: Lawyers and Mediators – the Brave New World of Services for Separating Families

21 March 2016By Mark Paulson

An acerbic stocktake of recent changes in public policy.

BOOK REVIEW: Lexcel People Management Toolkit

21 March 2016By Tony Roe

Even if you are not interested in obtaining the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark, guides like this are invaluable.


BOOK REVIEW: Love Lose Live: Divorce is a Rollercoaster

14 March 2016By Caitlin Jenkins

The thinking, actions and reasoning of the family’s children are conveyed with some consideration.

BOOK REVIEW: Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings (eighth edition)

14 March 2016By Andrew Hopper QC

Unlike its predecessor, this edition has been designed with the practitioner in mind.


BOOK REVIEW: Extradition Law: a practitioner’s guide (2nd edition)

7 March 2016By Benjamin Seifert

The most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to a tortuous area of law.

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