BOOK REVIEW: The Mother Court: Tales of Cases That Mattered in America’s Greatest Trial Court

13 October 2014By Nicholas Goodman

A journey through the darker side of US history, with Zirin an engaging guide.

Book: Construction contract variations

BOOK REVIEW: Construction Contract Variations

13 October 2014

This well-written book will become an indispensable classic.

UK houses on street

BOOK REVIEW: Solicitors’ Claims, a practical guide (first edition)

22 September 2014By James Packer

This impressive guide is a summary of the issues that can give rise to claims against solicitors.

High Court

BOOK REVIEW: Vexatious Litigants and Civil Restraint Orders

15 September 2014By David Gardner

The authors are trailblazers, giving solid guidance on dealing with vexatious litigants in person.

Google and iPad

BOOK REVIEW: Legal Research: a practitioner’s handbook

15 September 2014

In the electronic age, what does the future look like for legal research?

A child on a swing

BOOK REVIEW: The Children Act

1 September 2014By

Ian McEwan’s new novel is an expert study of the law.

Care support

BOOK REVIEW: Dementia and the Law

18 August 2014By David Pickup

A valuable guide to the solicitor advising the individuals behind the illness.


BOOK REVIEW: Costs & Fees Encyclopaedia (2014-2015 edition)

28 July 2014By James Packer

A useful collection of materials, sorted by subject, but without commentary or explanation.

Charalambos Dimoulis

REVIEW: Brompton folding bike

28 July 2014By Charalampos Dimoulis

What a pleasure to shave minutes off the commute by manoeuvring through the City streets?


BOOK REVIEW: European Trade Mark Decisions (second edition)

28 July 2014By Nicholas Goodman

Decisions are easy to locate in the index, either by case or section.


BOOK REVIEW: Law as Engineering – thinking about what lawyers do

7 July 2014By

David Howarth, the author, wants lawyers to be seen as practical professionals involved with design and function.

Prison Businessman

BOOK REVIEW: Giving Legal Advice – an adviser’s handbook (2nd edition)

30 June 2014By David Pickup

A guide that is very good on professional duties, but lacking slightly on illuminating skills needed in difficult situations.

Brian Leveson

BOOK REVIEW: Media Law & Ethics in the 21st Century

30 June 2014By Polly Botsford

This collection of essays will engage you in the debate over press regulation and free expression.

Personal injury practice

BOOK REVIEW: Balancing act

23 June 2014

Personal Injury Practice: the guide to litigation in the county court and the High Court (sixth edition)

Nobody comes

BOOK REVIEW: Rescue mission

23 June 2014

Nobody Comes: the true story of the rescue of a child from a Romanian orphanage


23 June 2014

Lexcel Information Management Toolkit (second edition)

Business card

BOOK REVIEW: Law Firm Marketing Toolkit

9 June 2014By Tom Garbett

Generating personalised output is the point of the DIY format here, which aims to spawn ideas for progressing marketing efforts.

Family outline

BOOK REVIEW: Children In Need, local authority support for children and families

9 June 2014By Rosemarie Martin

A sound introduction to the obligations of local authorities to vulnerable children and their families under the Children Act 1989.

Lord Mansfield

BOOK REVIEW: Lord Mansfield, Justice in the Age of Reason

12 May 2014By

Norman Poser, professor emeritus at Brooklyn Law School, tackles both the life and legacy of this 18th-century giant.


BOOK REVIEW: Lexcel Small Practice Toolkit

12 May 2014By David Pickup

The CD-ROM that is included with the book means you can easily access templates.

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