Conveyancers need to ‘raise their game’, association warns

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  • Eddie Goldsmith

Conveyancers will need to ‘raise their game’ in what will be a challenging year, a major trade body has warned.

Announcing today its aims and ambitions for the new year, the Conveyancing Association believes solicitors will have some obstacles to overcome in 2016.


These include a ‘very busy’ quarter-one period as buy-to-let landlords and second-home purchasers attempt to beat the 3% rise in stamp duty land tax, announced by the chancellor in the autumn. It comes into effect in April.

Regulatory changes could also mean a further opening up of the conveyancing market, allowing major brands to look at the provision of conveyancing services.

Association chair Eddie Goldsmith (pictured) said there was ‘no doubting’ that the government was looking to make the house-buying process more ‘consumer-friendly’.

‘Therefore, as an industry, we have to expect and welcome greater competition and make sure we raise our game in order to offer better service levels to all.’

Looking ahead, the association has developed a ‘work plan’ to cover ‘key’ industry developments, including the second edition of its conveyancing protocol, and a a new cybersecurity and property fraud protocol.

Goldsmith said there was ‘no doubting in our mind that we have the potential to develop a much more user-friendly conveyancing experience for all and we are working in a number of areas to develop this.

‘The prime minister recently suggested that 2016 would be a ‘game changer’ for the UK and it is our aim at the association to ensure the same will be said for the conveyancing industry in the months ahead’.

Readers' comments (18)

  • Why?

    The government passes numerous laws dealing with money laundering, taxation, the environment, planning, companies, joint ownership, trusts, but then expects a more consumer friendly experience?

    The policy objectives often conflict with each other, and the government often peddles the myth that conveyancing is akin to buying a can of baked beans.

    If you consider a typical leasehold purchase of a new flat, the conveyancer can be faced with several hundred pages of documents.

    If games are to be raised then first government must stop interfering with conveyancing, and allow technology to make improvements in the way solicitors practise. Secondly those who purport to lead should stop being on the back foot and defend the interests of those they represent.

    It baffles me why the Conveyancing Association should write articles such as this

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  • We do in deed face a challenging year.

    A government which wants the process to be more "consumer friendly" yet fees which have not moved in cash terms since 2001. I may be wrong on the fees element - most have been driven downwards.

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  • 1. "Game"? What "game"?
    2. "Industry"? What "industry"?
    3. "Conveyancing Association"? Whatever's that?
    4. Maybe the solicitors' PROFESSION needs to improve its PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS; maybe our beloved Law Society needs to clamp down on rogue commentators.
    5. Or maybe the article's just a space-filler on a slow news day.

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  • Eh ? Raise their game ?

    Conveyancers have virtually no control over their game !!

    They are the catfish at the bottom of the tank, put there by decades of gutless, spineless acquiescence of the Law Society and the so called profession itself. the Conveyancing association has achieved what exactly ? Have the got any representations out of the Law Society over the Veyo fiasco ?

    Conveyancers have to watch the sickening sight of Arthur Daley Estate Agents pocketing 10 times their fees in commission, but say nothing as you don't bite the hand that feeds. And then there are the parasites monitoring time scales and offering yellow and red card penalties !!! Silence of the Lambs comes to mind.

    Oh we could go on about the stupidity of agreeing to everything under the CML and lack of sep rep, but as conveyancing has nothing left in the tank to give up, what's the point.

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  • I assume the picture of Mr Goldsmith is of him laughing hysterically at his own risible press release.

    At this rate of emitting meaningless verbiage, he's got a great future ahead as CEO of The Law Society or the SRA...

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  • The trouble is for some odd reason it was found desirable to have this association which needs to be seen doing something ie., this article which raises everyones temperature or at least those who have been round the block a few times. Do we need these people? and who is paying them to state the obvious.

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  • Because Anonymous at 04:19pm they represent allegedly a number of factory conveyances?

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  • Game changer!

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  • What a load of -- clap trap!

    If they want to change our conveyancing system and make it more 'consumer friendly', they will first have to change the very essence and nature of our Land Law which has grown up over centuries together with innumerable statutes. No problem for Mr Cameron though I am quite sure!


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  • 'The Laughing Policeman'?

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