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  • Cliff Richard

    Out of harm’s way

    24 September 2018

    High-profile cases such as Sir Cliff Richard’s battle with the BBC are transforming media law. Now social media companies as well as traditional publishers are being held to account for what they disseminate

  • LawTech startups at Barclays Eagle Lab, Notting Hill Gate

    Reaching a tipping point?

    17 September 2018

    Lawtech is approaching a crossroads in terms of technology development, investment and adoption. The start-up dynamic is maturing as a new generation of legal businesses emerges.

  • Retirement cartoon

    Five tips for retiring

    10 September 2018

    As the golf fairways or long days in the potting shed loom, retirement is an enticing prospect – but there are key points to mull before putting your feet up.

  • Roman Abramovich

    Commercial realities

    10 September 2018

    Can London cling on to its pre-eminence in high-value dispute resolution? Solicitors are cautiously optimistic.

  • Ls lease

    How to: lease an office

    3 September 2018

    Taking new accommodation is the biggest change management opportunity in the life of a law firm. Long-term planning is critical to getting it right.

  • Deliverooprotest

    Labour pains

    3 September 2018

    A clutch of ‘gig economy’ cases and the abolition of tribunal fees are keeping employment lawyers busier than ever. But the civil justice system is struggling to cope.

  • Lloydsbuilding

    PII update: underwriting on the wall?

    3 September 2018

    As Lloyd’s of London reviews its operations, the indemnity insurance market appears to be hardening for the first time in years. But well-managed firms that act swiftly should encounter few problems.

  • Ls grievance

    How to: File a Grievance

    6 August 2018

    Filing a complaint for discriminatory or unfair treatment by your employer is fraught with risks. Advice and planning can secure a positive outcome.

  • Andrew mc farlane feature main

    Broken family

    30 July 2018

    Sir Andrew McFarlane, who succeeded Sir James Munby last week, is demonstrating plenty of empathy. But practitioners filled with trepidation about the future also detect steel in his leadership.

  • Law clerks with trolleys

    Interrogating algorithms

    23 July 2018

    How will tighter data protection regulations affect development of legal services and AI‑powered analysis tools? Law firms and counsel have to walk the talk on compliance.