Cue the trumpet fanfare: Obiter is pleased to announce a new King of the Celebrity Pics. Kevin Poulter, assistant solicitor at Wake Smith & Tofields in Sheffield, has blown the competition out of the water with this fantastic selection of himself posing with a smorgasbord of household names.

Here he is cosying up with Michael Portillo; Patrick Stewart; Lionel Blair – to whom Poulter shows an uncanny resemblance – and Sir Ian McKellen.

As if that were not enough, our Chief Groupie also says he has pics of himself with, among others, Christopher Biggins; Sue Perkins; Nicholas Parsons; Vivienne Westwood; Nigella Lawson; Graham Norton; Will Young; Michael Palin; Rowan Atkinson; James Nesbitt; David Tennant; Alan Rickman; Kim Cattrell; Denise Van Outen; and even Debbie McGee and her millionaire husband.

Poulter, we are impressed. But what is your secret? And don’t say Photoshop, or we will be horribly disappointed.