To the discombobulation of not a few traditionalists, the campaign to adumbrate the probative value of a more unopaque expression of juridical vernacular continues to deliver outcome-based ramifications. Yes, Clarity, the group launched last year to promote plain English in the law, is going from strength to strength. Founding member Daphne Perry reports that more than 40 people attended the group’s latest breakfast meeting. The next get together, on 20 May, features guest speakers from the land of plain speaking. Peter Butt, founding director of the Centre for Plain Legal Language at the University of Sydney, and Adrienne Showering, of Australian firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques, will describe the achievements of the plain language campaign down under. The event runs from 8am to 9.30 at City Marketing Suite, the Guildhall, in the City of London, and is free to first-time attendees. For more info contact