Registered Charity No: 1095050 (England & Wales).

The challenges of building a humane and sustainable world have never been greater. Against a backdrop of a population explosion and soaring food prices, intensive livestock farming poses a very real threat to our planet. Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, biodiversity loss and water scarcity are all disastrous consequences of factory farming.

As a respected international organisation, Compassion in World Farming is not only the leading voice for farm animal welfare, but is also able to influence the global environmental debate. Together with our supporters, we campaign for more humane and sustainable farming that will benefit animals, people and the environment. We make practical, research-based recommendations that improve agricultural practices so that our planet can support future generations.

Through high-profile public campaigns, investigations, lobbying and research, we influence policy making to improve the lives of billions of animals and end the environmental damage caused by factory farming. We also engage positively with the farming sector and help persuade the world’s biggest food producers, manufacturers and retailers to adopt higher animal welfare standards.

Without the generosity of those who leave a gift in their Will to Compassion, up to half of our work would not be possible. Legacies are absolutely vital, helping to end environmental devastation and the abuse of farm animals. Let your vision of a humane, sustainable future live on by remembering Compassion in World Farming in your Will.

Thank you.