Registered Charity No: 1024806 (England & Wales).

How to protect the animals of the future? With a gift in your Will.

When we rescue one animal – a house pet abandoned in a hurricane, a milk cow displaced by an earthquake, a right whale entangled in fishing line – we’re doing much more than saving a life. We’re reuniting a family. We’re restoring a community’s livelihood. We’re saving a species on the brink of extinction. And we’re saving our planet.

For over 50 years we have been fighting for a world where animals are respected and protected. We’re fighting for a world where they can thrive in their natural habitats – and amongst people.

We all think about what sort of legacy we’d like to leave behind and how we’d like to be remembered. By leaving a gift in your Will to help animals, and this home we share with them, you’ll be remembered as someone who cared about our world and took action to make it better.

A gift in your Will to IFAW will enable us to continue to be on the ground, rescuing animals, securing habitats and changing the way people think about and treat animals. Be part of our future today, with a gift in your Will.

Join us in protecting animals and our planet for many years to come. See how at