Registered Charity No: 244534 (England & Wales).
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The Japan Animal Welfare Society Ltd (JAWS UK) was created in1956 to raise public awareness and funding to ensure pioneering animal welfare activities in Japan were continued and improved.

We aim to support:

  • Reputable animal welfare groups and individuals in Japan who are involved in the day-to-day rescue, treatment, care and rehabilitation of sick, stray and abandoned animals.
  • Neutering and microchipping schemes for pet and feral animals.
  • The ongoing work and development of our sister society in Japan (JAWS Japan) and its six branches.
  • Animal welfare education. We fund animal welfare seminars involving welfare groups, police, local authorities and the legal and governmental departments responsible for improving and implementing animal welfare legislation.

Thanks to JAWS UK funding, a lot has been achieved in alleviating animal suffering in Japan over the past 60 years. However, despite the introduction of new animal welfare legislation, there is still much work to be done.

The issues in Japan include:

  • The large-scale abandonment of pet animals.
  • Inadequate regulations for safeguarding animals for sale in pet shops and their responsible breeding of dogs and cats in unregulated ‘puppy farms’.
  • Barbaric practices involving horses and bears in traditional ceremonies.
  • The cruel, unnecessary slaughter and capture of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

JAWS UK relies upon legacies from animal-loving people to support our vital work for pets, wildlife and captive animals in Japan. So, please remember us with a gift in your Will, knowing you will be helping to improve the lives of some very vulnerable animals.