Registered Charity No: 900380 (England & Wales).

The Trust supports the Veterinary School at the University of Bristol. Our main objective is to relieve suffering and to further animal welfare. The Langford Trust depends upon the generosity of all those interested in the welfare of animals and education to enable us to help this centre of veterinary excellence. By supporting this vet school we aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment for all animals, not only in this country but all over the world. General Practitioners look to vet schools to take diagnosis and treatment skills forward so we also support clinical research projects to advance science and ensure that the decisions vets make are evidence based.

Please support the Langford Trust for Animal Health and Welfare to ensure that the thousands of sick and injured animals referred every year to our expert clinicians and surgeons, continue to receive the best care and treatment and that Langford students, the veterinary surgeons of the future, continue to receive the best education, equipping them for a life dedicated to the treatment, breeding and welfare of animals across the world.