Registered Charity No: 268736 (England & Wales).

The Law Society Trustees Ltd 
This charitable fund was established in 1974, independent and in close collaboration with The Law Society (TLS), making grant awards to a wide range of organisations with a view to further law and justice. The Charity supports organisations whose work is related to the law and legal profession; and whose activities would likely benefit from funds made available on behalf of solicitors. 

Support from Solicitors, firms and individuals 
You can support the Charity by donating residual client balances, a legacy, or by individual donation: via BACS to 20 32 29 account 00568449 and email a breakdown of names and balances; or send a cheque or use a credit card at JustGiving. Donating may be a one-time or continual activity by solicitors, firms or individuals, or by way of a legacy. 

The SRAs rules on residual funds may be found at:

Trustees making awards to further the profession 
Projects or service will be considered for a grant of funds or support if they meet the Charity’s aims and objectives criteria to promote human rights, access to justice, and legal education.

** Information regarding the application process for awards is on the website.

Learn more about the Charity on our website: