Registered Charity No: 262777 (England & Wales).

Help us create a Living Landscape for Suffolk.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is the county’s largest voluntary organisation working on nature conservation and environmental issues. We have 28,000 members and are part of a network of 47 Wildlife Trusts operating across the United Kingdom.

The Trust owns or manages more than 50 nature reserves - over 7400 acres of Suffolk’s most precious wildlife habitat - which is free for anyone to enjoy. We are committed to creating a living landscape that is rich in wildlife and in this sense legacy support is targeted towards the purchase and management of nature reserves and projects to safeguard threatened species and habitats.

Environmental education is a major part of the Trust’s work. Every year thousands of children visit our education centres and hundreds of families enjoy our wildlife events and activities.

Over 1300 people volunteer their time and skills to the Trust and support all areas of our work across the county. Their commitment is key to the achievements of Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the growing interest in the protection of our natural heritage bodes well for the future. Suffolk Wildlife Trust welcomes enquiries from people interested in our work. For more information about leaving a legacy to Suffolk Wildlife Trust please contact Christine Luxton on 01473 890089 or visit