Registered Charity No: 313785 (England & Wales).

Why us?
The Osteopathic Foundation is committed to investing in research that will help people get the right care and make a positive impact on their lives.

Healthcare for all ages
Osteopaths are a highly trained, regulated Allied Healthcare Profession that takes a whole-person approach to the improvement of health; from supporting mothers and babies; keeping the elderly active and mobile; aiding recovery from musculoskeletal conditions; to the management of chronic long-term conditions.

About the Foundation
The Osteopathic Foundation is a charitable trust set up to advance osteopathic practice for the benefit of public health and patient care by funding education and healthcare research. Your donation could fund projects as diverse as enhancing the assessment and treatment of concussion in sports, improving patient access to osteopathy through the development of innovative new NHS triage services or furthering our understanding of the osteopathic management of headaches.

Make your legacy quality healthcare
The charity is entirely dependent on goodwill and generous contributions. Remember The Osteopathic Foundation in your will and your legacy will be an investment into the development of osteopathic healthcare and its professionals who are committed to the provision of quality healthcare that makes a real and positive impact on people’s lives.