I have to take issue with Owen Wellbelove’s one-dimensional view of the conveyancing process (letters, 16 April). His comments that the job consists solely of approving the contract, investigating title and agreeing the transfer, which he indicates takes ‘about 30 minutes on each side’, makes a complete mockery of the skill, care and time invested by conveyancers on behalf of their clients.

Buying a residential property is probably one of the most important transactions that people become involved in during their lives. A prospective buyer needs and wants to know about the property they are acquiring. They will learn this through their solicitor’s report on replies to necessary enquiries and, if the property is leasehold, from their solicitor’s report on the terms of the lease. Wellbelove views these matters as being ‘unrelated’ to the conveyancer’s job. No one disputes that a rapid exchange of contracts ought to be ‘easily achievable’, but not at the expense of sacrificing the long-term preservation of our clients’ interests – which is a central tenet of a solicitor’s remit – to the short-term expediency of speed.

Barry Borman, Edgware