Like James Morton (Interview, 25 June), I only passed three O-levels when I took them at 16 (in 1965). In my case the crucial one was English Language, because that was then the sole entry requirement to become a student with the Institute of Legal Executives (only incorporated in modern form in 1963).

I applied for a job as office junior ( to train as a legal executive) but discovered later that the partners had wanted to reject me because I did not have Maths O-level. Fortunately, the senior legal executive, who had interviewed me, said: ‘For goodness sake; what does the boy need maths for here? I would just take him on.’ They did and I subsequently qualified first as a legal executive and later as a solicitor.

The current trainee legal executive in the office where I work has a law degree.

Edward Spearey, associate solicitor, Bevirs Law, Calne, Wiltshire