The transphobic agenda of many in the media is impeding our attempts to raise awareness and gain basic rights for the trans community.

Last month trans people, activists, groups and allies worked together to raise awareness of the plights that affect the trans community. Reading the many negative newspaper articles and observing the unbalanced output of TV and radio, it seems we all have much work to do.

We have seen sensational, divisive and inaccurate headlines about forcing gender identity and treatments on children (false), and the loss of gender identity for cisgender people (false). Even the simple matter of making dressing rooms in shops gender-neutral (a positive thing) has been turned into a war zone.

Sadly, what should have been a proactive week for trans-awareness took a very negative turn due to individuals in the media running their own transphobic agendas.

Many of my law firm clients are working hard on their trans-inclusivity agendas (and succeeding); I am glad to see many of them being proactive and supportive over this difficult period for the trans community.

Our own community is working so hard for basic rights, including a simple revision to the Gender Recognition Act which will allow us to self-declare our gender (including non-binary) without medical intervention (as is the case in many countries). This simple legislation will make an immeasurable difference to many trans people – it will put no one at risk and affect no one else.

Rachel Reese is director of Global Butterflies