Now we have returned from well-earned summer breaks to the delights of having to deal with practising certificate and indemnity insurance renewal, I thought that the following might amuse some of your readers. Bearing in mind that we are all told that customer service is king, and we must all become ever quicker, more efficient, smoother and slicker, please rest assured that all is not lost.

On 3 September, my firm received a letter from one of the pioneers of the multinational law firm model. The letter was apparently ‘dictated 21 August’. It was dated 1 September and took two days to reach us. It chased for a response to a letter which we wrote to them on 13 August and in a footnote told us that the fee-earner dealing with the matter was on leave until 10 September.  

There is hope for us all yet.

Daniel Sproull, Sproull Solicitors, Bodmin, Cornwall