I read Laura Devine’s desperate justification of the left-liberal interpretation of the ‘migrant’ crisis (tinyurl.com/oryr33g). It was interesting to see her trying to redefine ‘migrant’ only in terms of ‘economic immigrants’. On any straightforward interpretation of the English language ‘refugees’ are a subset of ‘migrants’, that is they are the ones whose motivation for migrating from their country is fear rather than other motivations.

What Ms Devine failed to mention is that refugees are expected to seek asylum in the first safe country they come to, which is highly unlikely to be England. Then, once the basis of their fear has subsided the refugees should return from where they came. At present, neither rule is enforced – to the detriment of increasingly fed-up taxpayers of England.

As for Brexit, I say let us simply have ‘Exit’. That is, English Exit.  Let the English exit both from the EU and from the UK. These are both highly bureaucratic, multi-national state structures which cost the English a lot of money and from which we have very little return for that money.

R C W Tilbrook, Chairman, English Democrats, Ongar, Essex