Am I alone in being offended by the tone of the piece by James Morton in the 12 August edition, extolling the qualities of the participants in what he terms the Great Train Robbery – and bemoaning the fact that they did not benefit that much from the proceeds of their crime?

I could not have a more opposite view. Is it not true that these were common – and career – criminals who participated in a criminal conspiracy which involved a serious assault on an innocent employee?

It moves me not that they had wretched lives afterwards and I have nothing but contempt for them. I hope I speak for the majority of law-abiding members of the public who do not think of violent robbers as some kind of heroes. I fear that that this will not be the last of the glorification of what is inexplicably seen as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of this crime which will doubtless only benefit the glorifiers.

What a complete contrast with the same 50th anniversary of that brave and memorable speech of Martin Luther King.

David Parry, Allington Hughes Law, Wrexham