Three months before I was due to qualify, having heard nothing from my employer, I began to seek other job opportunities, as many other trainees would in a similar situation. As far as I was concerned, the firm I trained with were happy with my progress but as the work was predominantly legal aid, I did not want to assume it would be easy to create a post on qualification.

I attended interviews and reviewed two job offers. I decided to accept one. I kept it to myself and intended on revealing my news a couple of weeks before my training contract expired.  

About a month before that expiry, I attended a black tie event at a London hotel with the newly qualified solicitor (who was now also a good friend), the senior partner and a few barristers who had been instructed by the firm and with whom friendships had also been formed. On the way to the venue I shared a taxi with my newly qualified friend who told me that the firm had decided to offer me a role post-qualification. I was so surprised as no one had mentioned a thing to me at all. I panicked and told my friend my news.

After the first course, the senior partner stood up and announced that I was being offered a position with the firm and raised a toast in my honour. Everyone cheered at the table and began congratulating me. My ‘good friend’ sitting to my right, gave me a huge grin and said rather loudly, ‘Speech!’

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