The Law Society deserves to be praised for at long last standing up to the insurance industry.

There are critics who (justifiably) will say all of this is too little too late, but the campaign is something which is very close to my heart.

We launched Review My Claim earlier this year to enable those who have been mugged by insurers or by unqualified claims-handlers to get proper advice and assistance to redress the huge imbalance between a private individual on the one hand and the multi-billion-pound insurance industry on the other. The Law Society campaign highlights the fact that accident victims who do not use solicitors can receive up to two to three times less than those who turn down an insurer’s initial offer and take proper advice from a solicitor.

It is a staggeringly unfair advantage which insurers exercise. Offering to settle claims to individuals who are only just recovering from the shock and physical impact of accidents is, in my view, morally reprehensible.

Andrew Greenwood, Emsleys, Leeds