As yet another will-search pinged into our firm’s email box today, I decided it was time to deal with the increasing cost of dealing with other people’s over-cautious approach to distribution of estates, unnecessarily wide will-searches and fishing trips.

So I drafted the following:

Dear Sirs

We acknowledge receipt of your query concerning the above. Sadly, in view of the greatly increased number of queries we have received, we have had to introduce a charge for these searches. On receipt of the sum of £30 plus VAT we will search our client records and wills register and respond. That fee will always be refunded where we do have a will or where the enquirers can show a close link between us and the deceased, which exceeds the fact we may be in roughly the same geographical area.

Requests are always dealt with free for personal callers at our Fetcham office.

This will be sent to every emailed request that costs the sender nothing and involves administrative work for us.

Lesley Palmer, QualitySolicitors Palmers, Fetcham, Surrey