Joanna Goodman

  • Humanoid-robot

    Generation tech


    Generative AI is transforming the way lawyers work. But it poses multiple challenges for firms, from procurement to data security. Above all, how much human interaction should AI replace?

  • University of Law

    Star tech: the next generation

    26 January 2024

    The emergence of graduate schemes reflects the enhanced value and status of a career in technology at law firms.

  • Price value scales

    Balancing act

    19 January 2024

    Innovate, communicate, and understand your costs. Joanna Goodman reports on how law firms can shore up their profit margins in a softening market.

  • Robot computer

    Generative AI – one year on

    1 December 2023

    OpenAI’s ChatGPT showcased the potential for automating legal processes. Just 12 months later the market is evolving rapidly.

  • Global justice

    Holding the line

    10 November 2023

    Lawyers across the world who are working outwith their home jurisdictions to support the rule of law are a bulwark against authoritarianism. Joanna Goodman reports.

  • Oil rigs

    Judgment day

    3 November 2023

    When governments and companies flout their climate commitments, can the courts hold them to account in good time? Joanna Goodman reports on the hopes invested in environmental litigation.

  • Alicia Virtue and Dia Thanki

    Tech City


    Technology, science, finance and law have transformed Cambridge’s economy and its legal community. But in a rapidly polarising city, can they also help those left behind? Joanna Goodman reports.

  • Admissions ceremony

    One size fits all

    22 September 2023

    The controversial Solicitors Qualifying Examination is two years old. It was a seismic change for the profession, but is the new ‘super-exam’ delivering on its promises? Joanna Goodman reports.

  • ESG

    Innovation at the interface

    15 September

    The exponential rise of generative AI is seeing firms move away from the traditional build/buy dichotomy towards greater innovation.

  • NFT

    Digital first – and last

    14 July 2023

    Digitisation of court records and the growing importance of managing a digital legacy offer new opportunities for lawyers.

  • Adidas

    Panel gains

    14 July 2023

    City law firm profits are soaring – but how can in-house counsel ensure their advisers provide value for money as fees climb? Joanna Goodman reports.

  • Digital webinar

    Mix and match

    9 June 2023

    While the pandemic heralded a transformation in digitised legal services, our webinar hears that some processes still rely on physical resources.

  • Brickillustration

    Brick by brick

    9 June 2023

    LawtechUK has unveiled a drive to enable start-ups to sell into bigger entities and overcome procurement and adoption challenges.

  • London skyline

    Best in class?

    26 May 2023

    In the wake of London International Disputes Week, Joanna Goodman reports on emerging trends affecting the capital’s pre-eminent status as a global legal hub.

  • Money clock

    Time is money

    12 May 2023

    One-third of SMEs experience a legal issue but only 8% consult a law firm. What can be done to help bridge the justice gap? Joanna Goodman reports.

  • Samsung offices

    Keeping an eye on AI

    21 April 2023

    As the hype of generative AI dies down and focus turns to practical applications, legal tech is finding new ways to limit potential risks.

  • Star Trek

    To boldly go on generative AI?

    31 March 2023

    Generative AI such as OpenAI’s GPT series offers opportunities for law firms to streamline data extraction and administrative tasks. But the legal sector also needs to be wary of the pitfalls of entrusting data to third-party technology

  • Only Fools and horses

    Double trouble

    17 March 2023

    While the retained EU law bill threatens more than 82 pieces of legislation, and the UK has excluded itself from Europe’s new Unified Patent Court, IP lawyers in the UK are busier than ever and remain upbeat. Joanna Goodman reports.

  • GPT

    Learning curve for the chattering classes

    17 February 2023

    Scepticism in some quarters has not stopped generative AI being embraced as a game-changer for legal services delivery. Its adoption is happening faster than many think.

  • Brexit illustration

    Home and away

    27 January 2023

    English and Welsh lawyers shaped European rules on competition, regulation and disputes. But what of the next generation after Brexit? Joanna Goodman reports.

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