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  • Mr Justice Mostyn
    Law Report

    Costs (family)


    In financial proceedings the Family Division imposed a costs penalty on the husband. The judge commented on the scale of the costs incurred by the parties, which he described as ‘totally disproportionate’.

  • Maryam Rajavi
    Law Report



    Maryam Rajavi, the exiled Iranian politician, appeals against the home secretary’s decision to ban her from entering the UK on the ground that her presence would not be conducive to the public good.

  • European Court of Human Rights
    Law Report

    Human rights


    The ‘Naked Rambler’ issued proceedings concerning his arrests, prosecutions, convictions and sentences of imprisonment, invoking, in particular, articles 8 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

  • Heathrow
    Law Report



    The employment tribunal found that, when the appellant was providing her services through a limited company for the purpose of selling Shiseido cosmetic products in a duty-free outlet managed by the respondent, she was not an employee of the respondent for the purposes of section 83(2) of the Equality Act ...

  • Insurance
    Law Report



    The proceedings arose out of a serious fire at the Sugar Hut Club, Essex in 2009. A dispute arose as to, among other things, the amount of business interruption losses to which the claimants were entitled. In particular, the parties disagreed as to the calculation of the overall loss of ...

  • Court of Protection
    Law Report

    Mental health


    Following a previous judgment on questions of law in deprivation of liberty cases involving adults who lacked capacity, the Court of Protection supplemented and elaborated on some of those questions.

  • Specsavers
    Law Report



    The court found a judge had erred in ordering revocation of a Specsavers trademark where evidence that use of the wordless logo together with the registered word trademark superimposed over the top had served to identify the goods.

  • RCJ
    Law Report

    Criminal law


    The Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, allowed an appeal against convictions for robbery, in circumstances where the evidence that had been critical to the convictions related to admissions allegedly made to police officers who were part of a now-discredited crime squad.

  • Vinyl on turntable
    Law Report



    A dispute arose over the pop track Heartbroken and at an earlier hearing a judge held that the performer’s rights relating to the vocal at the centre of the dispute belonged to the claimant. These proceedings concerned damages.

  • Birmingham UK
    Law Report

    Parental order


    The Family Division held that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 did not have the effect of preventing the court from making a parental order.

  • Chris Grayling
    Law Report

    Judicial review


    The claimants sought judicial review of the lord chancellor’s decisions that there would be 525 duty provider work contracts and an average immediate reduction of 8.75% in criminal legal aid fees.

  • Hotel room
    Law Report



    Skyscanner appealed against the Office of Fair Trading’s decision, accepting commitments from intervening companies in the hotel industry to modify their behaviour by limited discounting of room-only rates to closed groups.

  • Will
    Law Report



    A full report of the judgment in the costs case related to Marley v Rawlings , in which parents had each signed the wrong mirror will.

  • British passport
    Law Report



    The claimant Pakistani national challenged the home secretary’s refusal of a British passport to which she claimed to be entitled as a British citizen by descent.

  • New York
    Law Report



    The Commercial Court dismissed the claimants’ application for an injunction pursuant to section 37 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 to restrain the first defendant from pursuing or taking any step in proceedings commenced against the second and third claimants in the supreme court of New York.

  • Odeon cinema
    Law Report



    The Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber) ruled on an appeal by Bookit Ltd against a decision of the Revenue and Customs Commissioners which had decided that credit and debit card handling fees were not exempt from a European directive and should be standard rated.

  • Barclays bank
    Law Report



    The claimant had arranged a loan with the defendant bank. He subsequently sought to transfer the loan from himself to a company that he controlled. The claimant and the company brought proceedings against the bank for, among other things, misrepresentation.

  • Rolls-building
    Law Report



    The first claimant owned two UK patents for an invention entitled ‘flying shark’ and the second claimant was the exclusive licensee of the first claimant in respect of both patents. The defendant devised and imported toys for sale in the UK, in particular, flying fish known as ‘mega fliers’.

  • European Court of Human Rights
    Law Report

    Human rights


    Applicant prisoners lodge applications against UK, complaining they are prevented from voting in European Parliament elections

  • Family outline
    Law Report



    In this adoption application, the parent and step-parent of a child applied to the court to adopt a mother’s two children (by different fathers).  The trial judge refused application so the father appealed.