Liverpool Law Society will be encouraging students to consider apprenticeships as a means of entering the legal profession.

The Society will be promoting new pathways into the law to local year-12 students at Liverpool Town Hall (pictured) on 3 February.

President Emlyn Williams said one of his key themes for the next 12 months was to try to make the law a profession equally open to everyone.

‘I want us to celebrate the fact that the profession is adapting and becoming more accessible to those who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to fund themselves through university,’ he added.

The Society said invitations had been extended to all local schools and colleges, and that the response had been so overwhelming the Society was unable to hold the event at its own premises.

Speakers from local universities, professional bodies and law firms will talk about the options available to pursue a career in law and answer questions.

Law Society president Andrew Caplen will also travel from London to address the event.