The Welsh government has commissioned a review of the legal services market to increase investment and employment in the sector.

The review, commissioned by economy minister Edwina Hart, will be undertaken by former Eversheds partner Kevin Doolan (pictured).

Announcing the review, the government acknowledged that the legal sector is going through 'significant' changes following recent legislation and faces challenges in consumer and commercial practice.

Legal services have been identified as a key element of the Welsh economy with high growth potential. Around 3,800 solicitors practise in around 500 firms in Wales.

Doolan, a partner in the Moller Professional Service Firms Group based at Cambridge University and a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, will be tasked with speaking to the Welsh lawyers and firms to see how they can survive and grow.

‘In order to maximise the wider direct and indirect economic benefits of the legal sector in Wales, it is essential to gain expert advice and recommendations,’ said Hart.

‘The review will look at the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Wales, how it can grow and thrive and create sustainable jobs.’

The review follows a visit to Cardiff last year by lord chief justice Lord Thomas, who urged practitioners to seize the opportunity to change how they operate if they want to prosper.

Doolan was a partner for more than 25 years at international firm Eversheds, including 10 years in its management team, and has recently had a book published on decision-making behaviour.

He will meet interested parties either in person or by telephone from 19-22 May.