Severe weather and flooding has closed several courts in north-west England this morning. 

Carlisle Magistrates’ Court, Kendal Courthouse, Lancaster Magistrates’ Court, Lancaster County Court and Lancaster Crown Court are closed today, HM Courts & Tribunals Service has confirmed.

The justice website states that HMCTS will write to those people whose cases are listed to be heard today with new dates for appearance. Bail conditions will continue to apply to people whose hearings have been cancelled.

Other courts in the region are expected to operate as normally today. But the announcement states there may be ‘some impact’ on cases being heard in Barrow Courthouse, West Cumbria Courthouse, Carlisle Crown Court and Carlisle County Court.

Anyone who is due to visit one of the potentially affected courts is asked to call the number on their documents to get an update.

1730 update: Kendal Courthouse will remain closed tomorrow, HMCTS has said. Parties who have cases listed will be notified about any revised arrangements.

This week's cases at Carlisle Magistrates' Court will be heard at Carlisle Combined Court. Lancaster Magistrates' Court and Lancaster County Court will reopen tomorrow.

The position at Lancaster Crown Court is being assessed. No business has been schedule for tomorrow.

Other courts in Cumbria and Lancashire (in Barrow and Workington) will operate as usual.