Who? Jenna Ide, employment law solicitor at Thomas Mansfield, London.

Why is she in the news? Acted for Meseret Kumulchew, who won a disability discrimination case against Starbucks.

Kumulchew, who has dyslexia, worked as a supervisor at one of Starbucks’ London branches. She was responsible for taking the temperature of fridges and water at specific times and entering the results in a duty roster. She was accused of falsifying documents after mistakenly entering incorrect information.

Starbucks said: ‘Starbucks works hard to ensure all employees, including those with disabilities, are supported at work. We have worked with the British Dyslexia Association to improve the support we provide to employees, and did so concerning Meseret Kumulchew in 2015.

‘We recognise, however, that we need to do more, which is why we are investigating what additional support we can provide. We cannot comment further on this case as the matter has not concluded.’

Thoughts on the case: ‘I’m unable to comment directly because of a forthcoming remedies hearing. Some people have commented that this will lead to a deluge of claims being brought by dyslexic employees. I don’t believe that will happen if employers provide reasonable adjustments and correct support.’

Dealing with the media: ‘Once the BBC published the story on its website, there was a lot of interest. I heard that the British Dyslexia Association also received numerous press enquiries.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘I became interested in employment law after a family member was involved in an unfair dismissal case while I was doing my LPC. I helped to reach a successful resolution.’

Career high: ‘This case. I have worked with Miss Kumulchew for some time now and she’s absolutely lovely.’

Career low: ‘Many people suffer depression when employment issues arise. I’ve dealt with several suicidal clients. I try to help even though I’m not a counsellor.’