The Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) has teamed up with volunteering charity Raleigh International to develop a unique annual public service project in Borneo.

Junior lawyers from the UK will work with a local community in the south-east Asian island of Borneo on infrastructure projects to build local amenities.

They will also take part in a series of workshops with junior lawyers from the local law society in Sabah discussing the rule of law, legal ethics and the promotion of human rights.

The project gives lawyers the opportunity to gain CPD points while developing their leadership and project management skills.

A team of volunteers from the JLD’s executive and national committees will go on the first 16-day pilot expedition in October.

JLD chairwoman Kat Gibson said: ‘The project will enable junior lawyers to participate in a never-seen before project, which will not only give them the opportunity to make a difference to a less fortunate local community in Borneo, but also enable them to reach out to junior lawyers in Borneo and spend time with them discussing the future of the legal profession and, most importantly, the crucial issue of the rule of law.’