A barrister who was jailed after he travelled across the country to sexually abuse a teenager has been disbarred.

Guy Sims was convicted at Oxford Crown Court of three counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sexual abuse offence, and on 6 October 2021 he was sentenced to three and half years in prison.

An independent disciplinary tribunal was held following two charges of professional misconduct against Sim brought by the Bar Standards Board.

The tribunal found Sims behaved in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence the public places in a barrister and in a way which undermined his honesty and integrity to the public.

It concluded that Sims should be disbarred, a decision that is open to appeal.

A BSB spokesperson said: ‘We consider the tribunal’s decision to order the disbarment of Mr Sims appropriate in the circumstances. A criminal conviction for child sex offences is clearly incompatible with the high standards of the bar.’