Blockchain – the technology underpinning electronic currencies – could guarantee the integrity of electronic evidence submitted to courts, says the developer of the Crown court’s case management system.

NetMaster Solutions said that blockchain protection would mean that, once a piece of evidence is entered into its CaseLines system, there can be no possibility of records being altered or falsified: ‘It will thereby eliminate the possibility that evidential material submitted to court can be repudiated, as the validity of the document presented will be irrefutable.’

Paul Sachs, NetMaster Solutions’ founder and chief technology officer, said the development would revolutionise the way the justice system operates by bringing it firmly into the digital age. ‘CaseLines does not only make the delivery of justice more efficient, both in time and cost, but now makes the provenance of evidence wholly trustworthy.’

He invited organisations using the system worldwide to participate in a ‘global judicial evidence blockchain’.

CaseLines is used in the Supreme Court and the Crown Court Digital Case System in England and Wales, and in dispute resolution in Dubai.