My business partner Tania Jeffery and I recently opened a new practice in Hampshire and our mission statement echoes the points raised by Law Society president Linda Lee in her article ‘Listening to our customers'.

We strongly believe that there is a cultural gap between lawyers and their clients and we aim to close that gap by delivering a more ‘customer-focused’ service. We listen to our clients’ wants and needs. We understand that it is simple – clients want a high level of service, but do not want to receive hefty bills.

I could not agree more with promoting the ‘glass window’ idea. We have an open office with brilliant windows that makes the client feel that they want to walk through the door and that we are approachable.

As a new firm, we have had really positive feedback with our approach.

I think the days are gone when solicitors’ practices can be complacent about clients walking through the door.

We have to make clients want to walk through the door in the first place, and greet them with a friendly smile and sympathetic ear when they do.

We are in the process of constructing our website, but you can see from our front page we are trying to achieve exactly what Linda Lee is proposing:

So refreshing to read!

Kellie-Jayne Cox, Solicitor/principal, JC Solicitors, Alton, Hampshire