A busy civil court centre has been closed for almost a month after its car park was flooded. In an update sent to court users on Friday, operations manager Helen Andrews confirmed the Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre remains shut due to water damage,

The site is unavailable to house any court hearings or administrative support from HMCTS staff ‘until further notice’. There is speculation in the city that the building could be shut until October.

The Redcliff Street court has worked with judges and lawyers to keep them informed and it is understood from court users that contingency arrangements have ensured cases are not subject to significant delays.

Bristol Civil Justice Centre

Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre

Source: Alamy

Andrews said: ‘I appreciate that this will and has caused disruption to court users wanting to access the services provided by the Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre and offer my most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.’

Main public counter services for all civil and family enquiries are temporarily located at Bristol Magistrates’ Court, with hearings kept in and around Bristol if possible or alternatively moved to Bath, Taunton, Gloucester or Worle if required. Court users are being asked to take any bundles with them at the conclusion of their hearings, with any bundles left in temporary venues having to be destroyed.

The Bristol District Probate Registry has closed until further notice and staff relocated to the equivalent centre in Cardiff.

Payments of court fees and warrant payments, as well as the personal support unit, are also relocated to Bristol Magistrates’ Court.

Email services are unaffected by the situation, although there may still be a delay in replying to enquiries, and alternative numbers are available for the out-of-order telephone services.