The Law Society-backed joint venture developing the Veyo electronic conveyancing system has appointed a new chief executive with a brief to review and evaluate the product.

Simon Drane, executive director of business development for the Law Society, takes over today at Legal Practice Technologies. Ian Gray, chairman, said: ‘We are committed to ensuring that Veyo will meet conveyancers’ expectations. Because of this we will only fully launch the product when we are satisfied that it is working well and will add value to the conveyancing process.’

Gray added that ‘the first job for any new CEO is to review and evaluate the product. This will identify what needs to be done to make Veyo available to conveyancers as soon as we are satisfied that it has the functions and usability to be a market leader.’

A Law Society spokesperson said: ‘We are excited about the development of Veyo. We know from the conveyancing community that it is a good concept and will save conveyancers time and money.

‘Simon will be reviewing and evaluating Veyo with a view to launching it when the product has right level of functionality and is easy to use. There is still a considerable demand for Veyo.’