Sixty years after the birth of legal aid, 83% of the general public say they have little or no knowledge of the scheme, according to new research. To fill the gap, and to mark the anniversary of the passing of the Legal Aid Act in July, the Legal Services Commission and the Ministry of Justice are sending an exhibition of the scheme’s history on a national tour. It will visit law schools, libraries and even the Eisteddfod. At its launch in the Palace of Westminster this week, LSC chief executive ­Carolyn Regan (pictured, left) said the LSC helps around two million people each year and that number is set to increase. ‘The next 60 years will see continuous change as technology makes different ways of working possible,’ she said. Lord Bach, legal aid minister (pictured, right), said: ‘In the current economic climate, more and more people are going to need help and advice on matters like debt, housing and employment, ensuring this service is even more in demand.’ He rebutted suggestions that low rates would drive lawyers away from the work.