I write regarding your article on the launch of the Flexible Working Protocol. You may be interested in knowing a few more details about our firm - a working example of how flexible working can be successful.

Rayden Solicitors was founded in 2005 on the premise that it was possible to have a successful legal business supported by solicitors working either flexibly or part-time. Indeed, Rayden Solicitors was this year recognised in the Law Society awards, coming highly commended in the category of equality and diversity.

By promoting flexible working and enabling part-time working, our practice has been able to draw great legal talent from the City to the region, which might otherwise be lost due to the inflexibility of many firms, particularly in London. Naturally, part-time and flexible working often benefits female employees who seek a work-life balance after children; it also benefits the business.

Rayden Solicitors is a small firm that would not be able to afford a full-time accounts department, or a full-time non-fee-earning partner dealing with human resources, marketing or compliance. We also have the benefit of in-house tax advice to support our matrimonial practice which could not be supported on a full-time basis. By encouraging part-time employment, we have been able to employ specialist assistance within the firm which might otherwise be unaffordable. Further, resources are shared and costs saved.

As long as clients are kept informed and the fee-earner is wholly supported by the firm, all is well. Rayden Solicitors believes that, despite having a majority part-time workforce, we achieve client satisfaction and a thriving business which has rapidly expanded to meet client demand. It has now become one of the largest private family departments in Hertfordshire.

This protocol is essential to retain talent which might otherwise be lost, and it is not incompatible with a successful legal business or excellent client care.

Katherine Rayden, Rayden Solicitors, St Albans