The High Court has reserved judgment in its judicial review of the Ministry of Justice’s decision to close Sittingbourne Magistrates Court.

The court will close for business tomorrow, but the legal challenge to that closure, brought by Kent firm Robin Murray & Co, was heard yesterday in London.

The tribunal, which comprised Lord Justice Elias, and Justices Hickinbottom and Beatson, reserved its judgment until after the hearing of challenges to the closure of the courts in Barry and Cardigan that are listed next month in Cardiff.

The same judges will hear the cases in Cardiff.

A further challenge to the closure of Sedgemoor Magistrates’ Court has been dropped.

The closure of Sittingbourne Magistrates’ Court will go ahead as scheduled, but the MoJ is understood to have agreed not to make any irreparable changes to the building until the outcome of the proceedings is known.

Following the hearing yesterday, the MoJ reiterated its determination to go ahead with its programme of closures, and said it will defend all the claims against it.